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Potassium Oxalate

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Potassium Oxalate

Product Description: 

Potassium oxalate, K2C204, H20, is odorless, efforescent, water-soluble, colorless crystals that decompose when heated. Sinks in and mixes slowly with water. Used in analytical chemistry and photography, and as a bleach and oxalic acid source.

Product Application: 
  • Potassium oxalate is a white crystal or powder made by neutralizing oxalic acid with potassium carbonate. It is soluble in water 1:3 but not in alcohol. Potassium oxalate was used as an early developer for gelatin plates but is best known as the developer for platinum prints.
  • Cleaning and bleaching straw, removing stains in photography; in vitro blood anticoagulant; also in analytical chemistry.
Product Note: 

Testing chemicals required  Zinc Phosphate

 Indicator Solution #1 (phenolphthalein)

Testing Powder # (urea)

Testing Solution # (0.1N sodium hydroxide)

Testing Solution # (0.1N potassium permanganate)

Testing Solution # (50% sulfuric acid)

Testing Solution # (30% potassium oxalate)

Product Technical Specification: 
Compound Formula C2K2O4
Appearance Colorless crystals
 Molar Mass 166.22 g/mol
Melting Point 160 °C
Boiling Point N/A
Density 2.13g/cm3
Product alias: 
<p> Potassium Oxalate, DIPTASSIUMOXALATE, DI-POTASSIUM OXALATE, Oxalic acid dipotassium, potassiumneutraloxalate, dipotassiumethanedioate, potassium oxalate(k2c2o4), oxalic acid, dipotassium salt, Potassium Oxalate Anhydrous</p>